Methuen, Massachusetts, is a city that offers the benefits
of a bustling commerce area, direct access to major highways, and close proximity to New Hampshire. It is located in the northeast corner of Massachusetts as part of the Merrimack River Valley, It is a city with distinct architecture and rich character.

The Searles Tenney Nevins Historic District preserves one of Massachusetts’ most unique neighborhoods. During the industrial boom of the late 19th century, Methuen city fathers Edward F. Searles, Charles H. Tenney, and David C. Nevins amassed considerable personal fortunes through hat manufacturing, textile production, and railroads.  Investing their wealth in Methuen, they heavily influenced the city’s economic development and left a legacy of architecture and civic works that has helped shape the community’s character and quality of life. Today, their influence and vision can be seen in mills, housing, schools, mansions, churches, monuments, playgrounds, the library, and the architectural fantasies that resulted from their artistic rivalry.